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Sometimes life gets hard. We can help. Our mission is to provide affirming, accessible mental health services to the people in our community. Our team shares a vision that promotes equality, individuality, and cultural competence. Together, we’ll help you challenge some of life’s greatest obstacles while discovering a more confident, resilient version of you.
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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

See how current and past clients have benefitted from our services.
"I would absolutely. They helped me in a very unique situation that was extremely sensitive and they assisted me while extremely busy and in a very quick fashion that I couldn't be more grateful for. The care I received from them has been one of the most genuine, caring and quickly. They helped assist me in a time of need with a speed I couldn't believe and they were the most kind and helpful that I ever received in a very unique situation and continued after being set a plan.”
- N.C.
"When I began my search process for a counselor, I came across PCW and felt an instant connection with their philosophy. After requesting a consultation, PCW very quickly responded to me to set me up with an appointment. I felt so incredibly welcomed during my first session with Katelyn. I chose to continue sessions with Katelyn because of the calmness I felt after just one session. I was able to work through professional and person stressors with Katelyn's help. I felt heard and understood in a way that allowed me to make progress. I am so grateful for PCW."
- M.S.
"I’ve been seeing Ashley at PCW for two years and it’s been a really good experience. Since working from home, making appointments has been easy but even before Covid, Ashley’s availability, which includes evenings and some Saturdays, made it pretty easy to find something that worked with my schedule. If there ever was a time I was struggling to find an appointment which worked, Ashley was always willing to a time that would accommodate my schedule. I found PCW online and Ashley ended up being a good fit for me and I’m glad it has worked out."
- T.A.
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